Writer/Director: Nancy Ulrich
Producer: Stephanie Jones

Genre: Horror

A breastfeeding horror in which a desperate new mother struggling to nourish her new baby finds support from a grotesque creature.

Savannah sits alone with her newborn baby, she struggles with breastfeeding and wants to understand what she’s doing wrong. The baby is happy but poor Sav suffers searing, burning pain, and blistered nipples.A kind old woman, Marie, offers temporary relief with a homemade nipple cream that seems to help.Soon after, Sav is terrified to find a matted, wooly snake—reeking of death—slithering into her bed. She watches as it vomits a familiar cream—Marie’s healing salve. She freaks, trashing her apartment trying to get it out.Bff Kate is horrified, they had grown up in a group home together after Savannah’s own mother died, her mental health in question. Kate warns that Sav could be perceived the same by the authorities. The two confront Marie and are shocked as she croaks out “you must feed it or it will kill you.” Sav now finds herself with another mouth to feed.