Medium Beluga

Writer/Director: Laura Bergeron 
Producer: David Baeta
Producer: Simon Madore

Genre: Drama

Céleste, a shy new employee at an aquarium, thinks that she can communicate with a lonely beluga whale. As their relationship becomes toxic, she’s confronted by her family’s tormented past.

On a whim, Celeste accepts a job at the Niagara Falls Aquarium as an interpreter. She’s usually not one to make waves, but her reserved personality clashes with her hard-to-please boss. As if it wasn’t enough, an incident on the job leaves her almost drowning in the beluga whale tank. But that event gives her a strange new power: she can hear the beluga and talk with him. Celeste starts following the advice of her new whale friend, Eugene. At first, it helps her regain her confidence, but little by little, Eugene introduces strange ideas into her head that end up putting her job, her own life and that of a penguin in peril. When she discovers that schizophrenia runs in her family, Celeste is forced to face the music. She tries to find inner peace by addressing her family’s tormented past in the hopes of finding self-acceptance.