Attagirl is a global feature incubator designed to support outstanding female and non-binary talent to craft distinct, innovative and viable feature film packages and strategies to drive project completion and career development.

What is Attagirl?

Attagirl aims to connect female and non-binary filmmakers to the experience, networks and opportunities of the wider film market through a supported development pathway focusing on three core content pillars: story, audience and market

The Attagirl program is split into two distinct stages, each containing two workshop intensives. Stage One focuses on Creative Development and Stage Two focuses on Packaging and Financing. Up to twenty-four global teams will be invited to participate in Stage One and, following material assessment, an uncapped number of ‘market-ready’ projects will be invited to progress to Stage Two. Teams not invited to Stage Two will be able to resubmit their projects for consideration and inclusion within any future Attagirl cycles.

Who is Attagirl for?

To be eligible, teams must have a minimum of fifty percent female or non-binary talent within all above-the-line roles. Percentages are calculated via the overall gender representation across all roles (rather than headcount) to ensure significant creative and commercial input of female and non-binary filmmakers. Above the line roles are defined as:

  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Director

For clarity, the below outlines possible team configurations that are eligible for submission:

Given the statistical disparity of female/non-binary directors, the gender of applicant within this role will be considered a determining factor. Meaning that, in the instance of two submissions scoring equally, applications with a female/non-binary director will be selected over a competing application with a male director.

Attagirl is financed by its major partner Screen Australia in conjunction with a network of private, public and philanthropic partners. Official partner countries include Australia, Canada, Sweden & the United Kingdom. Teams selected from these regions may expect to have their place subsidised, partially or wholly, by their relevant screen agencies. Applicant teams from outside these territories are warmly invited to apply however are advised that there may be a budgetary shortfall with regards to their participation. Should you be shortlisted, FFS will advise as to whether your place may be subsidised and to what degree. For reference, in 20/21, two teams from outside the official regions had their places sponsored by FFS and its partners. FFS encourages all applicants to discuss their intention to apply for Attagirl with their relevant screen agency.

How do we Apply?

To enter, teams must submit the following information and materials:

  • synopsis (one page)
  • treatment (no more than 10 pages)
  • director’s Vision (one page)
  • director’s previous works (link)
  • producer’s intent (one page)
  • distribution/marketing plan (no more than 5 pages)
  • finance plan (one page)
  • total budget 
  • team biographies (no more than 3 pages)
  • casting note (one page)
  • production company profile (one page)
  • video pitch of no more than 3 minutes (link)
  • Chain of Title evidence

Key Dates

Applications Close:

24 August 2021 23:59 AEST


from 30th August 2021

Notification of Selection:

9th September 2021

Stage One

Workshop One:

22 September 2021- 01 October 2021

Workshop Two:

18 November 2021- 27 November 2021

Stage Two

Workshop Three:

24 February 2022- 6 March 2022

Workshop Four:

8 June- 17 June 2022

Apply now