Wales, England

Spring Tide

Writer: Jodie Ashdown 
Director: Amy Coop
Producer: Daniel Harris

Genre: Drama

When the ghost of lesbian lovers past arrives at a closeted menopausal housewife’s door, her mundane world is blown out of the water.

As if night sweats and vaginal dryness weren’t bad enough, middle-aged housewife Deb’s mundane life is turned upside down when a long-lost letter from her dead high school girlfriend, Carly, arrives at her front door in the hands of Rose, a fifty-something trans woman. With her husband’s imminent early retirement and her only child about to leave for university, the last thing Deb needs is to be questioning her sexuality. Again. Is it just the hormones talking or is it something more fundamental? Deb loves Michael but she’s never been in love with him. However, the fire she felt all those years ago didn’t die with Carly. Now this letter has rekindled something and, helped by Rose, she sets out on a journey of self-acceptance and a quest for true happiness. From the lanes of the local pool, via a gay bar and a queer café, Deb’s search ends in a naked sea swim with Rose, a lesbian baker, and a hundred other women.