Assessment Rubric

Often it’s hard to know by what metrics you are being judged, which can make applying feel like a shot in the dark. As an access program dedicated to selecting standout films by diverse, global creatives, transparency is of the utmost importance.

Assessors are given blind submissions, with the three elements – Script or Treatment, Finance Plan or Budget and Audience Design or Marketing Plan assessed with equal weight. Assessors represent a diverse intersection of identities and will be seeking submissions that exemplify the  ‘three pillars’:

Distinction – a unique appeal of story and film package
Innovation – an ability to lead rather than follow
Viability – the capacity and skill to deliver

All assessors are provided with the same rubric, which we have included below so that we are all on the same page. We encourage you to download for review and referencing when creating your submission.

Assessment Rubric

Download assessment criteria