Laugh Club

Writer: Lou Sanz
Producer: Michael Wrenn

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Sentenced to community service after punching a pregnant woman at a gig, stand-up comedian Maxi Millar must finally grapple with the grief of her own miscarriage while running the local Laugh Club.

Finally pregnant after years of IVF, comedienne Maxi Millar is ready to start a family with her cafe-owner husband, Abe. But when she miscarries mid-term, Maxi spirals out of control and assaults a heckler at her once in a lifetime gig.Maxi is sentenced to six months of community service at a regional centre running their Laugh Club and helping the oddballs that inhabit its weekly chair circle. It’s a fate almost worse than the grief she’s struggling with. At home, her relationship with her husband is also struggling. Neither can agree on how to move forward – try again or abandon their dreams of having a family. But for all its horror, the members of the Laugh Club ignite something in Maxi, a yearning to move through her loss, and Maxi finds her way back to Abe and stops trying to live through grief but instead live with it.