Who’s Afraid

Writer: Sarah Walker 
Director/Producer: Nicole Da Silva
Director/Producer: Danielle Cormack
Producer: Liliana Mjunoz

Genre: Satire

Two gay couples struggle to reconcile their differences before they can proceed in having a baby together. Over one drunken night, the four stranger’s pasts, relationships and turkey basters are put to the test as they clash over how to get it right in a changing world.

It’s New Years Eve, 2019 and two same-sex couples – Nikki & Georgia, and David & Marty, return to Marty’s inner city terrace after seeing the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. They’re meeting for the first time, to discuss having a baby together, but they struggle to reconcile their differences as news of bushfires, pandemics and war frame the discussions. Over one drunken night, tensions rise as they decide who will be the sperm donor and who will carry the baby.When Georgia reveals she is ovulating and wants to conceive ‘naturally’, the four attempt conception and realise how profoundly unsuitable they all are to co-parent, but while the nominated parents, Marty and Georgia, have failed to have sex, Nikki and David have had sex on the side… and both women might be pregnant when the night ends. Just as some virus makes it’s way out of Wuhan.