Portugal, South Africa, Scotland

Big Fish

Writer/Director/Producer: Victoria Thomas
Producer: Eliane Ferreira
Producer: Cati Weinek

Genre: Crime Thriller

A fisherwoman’s world is turned upside down when her catch of the day turns out to be cocaine, that both the cartel and Interpol would do anything to get their hands on.

Khadija (28) an Oyster fisherwoman in Freetown finds sealed boxes of white powder in her net. She figures it is valuable, when she is paid a fortune by a local bar owner, Rosa, for the boxes. She discovers Rosa is the representative of a cartel using the bar as a front to coordinate the traffic of cocaine from South America to Europe. But the newly appointed head of the Interpol backed Anti-Narcotics Agency, Amina, is determined to halt the activities of the cartel in the region. Rosa urges Khadija to act fast and discreetly for a fee. Seduced by the lifestyle being an ally of the cartel brings, Khadija evolves into a wealthy entrepreneur, pitting her against her younger disapproving brother Karim and his employer Amina resulting in the death of Khadija’s younger brother Karim and the evolution of Khadija into a Queen Pin with nothing left to lose.