White River

Writer/Director: Sam Coyle
Producer: Natalie Urqhuart

Genre: Sports Drama

A fierce young woman’s only hope to escape her burnt-down town is to fight her way out. 

After a forest fire envelopes a small town, it leaves a fierce young women with little choice of work. Following in her mothers footsteps, she waits for her 19th birthday to start at the local strip club. Her plans are disrupted when an illegal female fight troupe rolls through town, igniting a true passion inside of her. The charismatic coach, Pegg, takes Larleen under her wing to train her, where she quickly becomes intoxicated by their world. Larleen’s reality is further shaken when government officers tell her these women are apart of a very serious gang operation. Larleen loses trust in everyone around her and is forced to take matters into her own hands.

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