Australia, United Kingdom

My Sister Ellie

Director: Laura Scrivano
Producer: Jessie Mangum
Writer: Samantha Collins

Genre: Thriller

An Australian woman’s search for her missing sister, the surrogate of her unborn child, plunges her into a British winter and on a taunting chase to find them. But engulfed by her sister’s former life, the trail starts turning cold, forcing her to confront her sister’s motivations, and her own.

JEN (38) seemingly has it all, living with her doctor husband PAUL (42) and his two children on the waterfront of Sydney’s northern beaches. But her life begins unravelling when her sister ELLIE (35) returns from London for their mother’s funeral. Despite tension at home, Jen and Paul take Ellie in when she offers to be the surrogate for the baby they desperately want. Four months later, Ellie disappears. Shocked, they learn Ellie has turned up in London. Jen follows Ellie into the British winter, determined to bring her pregnant sister home.

But Ellie won’t return her calls. Scouring London for clues, Jen realises how little she knows of Ellie’s former life as a professional dancer. Becoming fearful for her baby’s welfare, Jen grows suspicious of Ellie’s motives. Sibling rivalry draws Jen into a game of cat and mouse, pushing her ethical boundaries to infiltrate Ellie’s life and regain the upper hand. Clinging to remnants of her marriage, Jen begins questioning the very thing she has been chasing.

Determined not to let the trail run cold, Jen relentlessly pursues sightings along the Kent coast, desperate to find her sister Ellie.

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