The Circus

Director: Emma Freeman
Producer: Leanne Tonkes
Writer: Sarah Walker, Emma Freeman

Genre: Romance

When a feisty and beautiful circus performer meets a lonely determined female farmer in the middle of nowhere in 1950s, both must decide whether to conform or follow their hearts. If you had a second chance at love, what life would you choose to live?

While her husband Patrick is away in search of more fertile farming land, loyal hardworking Hazel Yoss stays behind with vivacious 8 year old Maryanne planting their potato crop and praying for rain.  A travelling circus bound for Port Augusta crashes on the farm, stranding charismatic circus performer May Matthews, frail owner Mrs Matthews and their small troupe of performers and their animals with no water and limited fuel and food.  As they wait for parts for their damaged truck, May must persuade Hazel to allow them to stay and share her limited supplies.   But as lonely Hazel lets down her guard, both she and Maryanne become captivated by the enigmatic May and her entertaining stories of an ever changing life on the road..  In spite of their differences an intimate bond forms between Hazel and May, threatening both May’s destiny as future owner of the circus and Hazel’s relationship with her absent husband. In an effort to rescue the ailing circus and pay Hazel something in return for her trouble, May decides to put on a show for the local townsfolk. But when Hazel’s property is invaded by those she’s avoided for most of her life, she must confront whether the farm was her dream or her husband’s.  Is she prepared to risk everything for a future with this beautiful stranger? Does she even have a choice? 

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